Play fun games with your favorite celebrities, imagine what it would be like to be famous! With this game you can make up all the celebrities and dress up celebrities. Give the celebrities a new look, new make-up or a complete makeover. Who is your idol? Dress up your favorite idol.
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett ..
4,903 x played
Justin Bieber concert
Justin Bieber ..
4,693 x played
Joe Joenas
Joe Joenas
4,272 x played
Taylor Swift Taylor Launder
Taylor Swift ..
5,174 x played
Katy Perry Dress Up
Katy Perry ..
5,315 x played
Justin Bieber Dress Up
Justin Bieber ..
4,607 x played
Nelly Furtado
Nelly Furtado
4,225 x played
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
4,002 x played
Jaden Smith Makeover
Jaden Smith ..
4,884 x played
Rachel Bilson Dress Up
Rachel Bilson ..
5,139 x played
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
4,939 x played
Hayden Panettiere Dressup
Hayden ..
5,311 x played
Jessica Biel Makeover
Jessica Biel ..
4,484 x played
Selena Makeup
Selena Makeup
4,659 x played
Madonna and Daugher Dress Up
Madonna and ..
5,053 x played
Lady Gaga Makeover
Lady Gaga ..
4,167 x played
Georgie Henly Makeover
Georgie Henly ..
4,538 x played
Chance Crawford
Chance Crawford
5,250 x played
Famous Couples 4
Famous Couples ..
4,232 x played
Famous Couples 5
Famous Couples ..
4,017 x played
Famous Couples 6
Famous Couples ..
5,075 x played
Famous Couples 7
Famous Couples ..
4,109 x played
Famous Couples 8
Famous Couples ..
3,930 x played
Rachel Nichols celebrity dressup
Rachel Nichols ..
4,365 x played
Jeniffer Aniston
Jeniffer ..
5,076 x played
Vanessa Make Up
Vanessa Make Up
5,277 x played
Ashley Make Up
Ashley Make Up
4,404 x played
Katy Perry Makeover
Katy Perry ..
4,783 x played
Hayden Panettiere Makeover
Hayden ..
4,271 x played
Emma Watson Makeover
Emma Watson ..
4,821 x played
Miley Cyrus Makeover
Miley Cyrus ..
4,795 x played
Michael Jackson Dress Up
Michael ..
4,487 x played
Julia Styles Dress Up
Julia Styles ..
3,956 x played
Avril Lavigne Dress Up
Avril Lavigne ..
4,881 x played
Rachel Bilson Makeover
Rachel Bilson ..
5,062 x played
Ashlay Tisdale Makeover
Ashlay Tisdale ..
5,279 x played

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