Fun decorating games. Decorating a house or room is fun! Give a room a complete renovation or build your dream home. Decorate a bedroom, bathroom, entire home or princesses and a dollhouse. Change a room or move the furniture and decorations in a house. Maybe these decorating games will inrpire you with good ideas how to decorate your own room and house.
Summer Pedicure
Summer Pedicure
4,562 x played
Theas Spa Room decorating
Theas Spa Room ..
4,533 x played
Dining Table dressup
Dining Table ..
4,688 x played
Pink bathroom decorating
Pink bathroom ..
4,520 x played
Pink bedroom decoration
Pink bedroom ..
4,306 x played
Dollhouse Decorating
Dollhouse ..
4,265 x played
Postcard decorating
Postcard ..
4,277 x played
Eva Room Decorating
Eva Room ..
5,175 x played
Ice Cream Decorating
Ice Cream ..
4,562 x played
Fairytale House Dressup
Fairytale ..
4,568 x played
Gothic Room Cleaning
Gothic Room ..
4,186 x played
Chocolate Pie Dressup
Chocolate Pie ..
4,550 x played
Beautysalon Decorating
Beautysalon ..
4,099 x played
Royal Bedroom Makeover
Royal Bedroom ..
4,966 x played
Tropic Bungalow Designer
Tropic ..
4,907 x played
Mary Dream House
Mary Dream ..
4,624 x played
Mina Room Deco
Mina Room Deco
4,151 x played
4,864 x played
Cutie Yuki Bedroom
Cutie Yuki ..
4,908 x played
Tessa’s summer holiday home
Tessa’s ..
5,036 x played
Baby Room Decoration
Baby Room ..
4,895 x played
Nice Baby Room Decoration
Nice Baby Room ..
4,219 x played
Doghouse Decoration
Doghouse ..
4,003 x played
Amazing Manicure
Amazing ..
4,795 x played
Nice Appartment Decoration
Nice ..
4,365 x played
Pink Barbie Bedroom
Pink Barbie ..
4,107 x played
Japan Room Makeover
Japan Room ..
4,551 x played
Fancy Cozy House
Fancy Cozy ..
4,577 x played
Candy landscape
Candy landscape
4,391 x played
Bratz Room decoration
Bratz Room ..
3,981 x played
Tidy Untidy Room
Tidy Untidy ..
4,455 x played
Flower Room Makeover
Flower Room ..
4,887 x played
Dwarfs World
Dwarfs World
4,169 x played
Happy Garden
Happy Garden
5,136 x played
My New Home
My New Home
4,162 x played
Create a Necklace
Create a ..
4,115 x played

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