Always wanted to do a complete makeover? See how a different hairstyle, different clothes and some makeup makes the look of these beautiful girls totally new! With these games, you can see how you can change your look. Use the girls in the games as a model for your own makeover. You can often see before and after photos. Try a different hair color and see how a face can change completely.
Zoo Panic
Zoo Panic
33 x played
Magic Touch
Magic Touch
51 x played
Music Quiz
Music Quiz
794 x played
Betsy’s Crafts: Summer Sand Painting
Betsy’s ..
1,900 x played
Blossom Cake Decoration
Blossom Cake ..
2,946 x played
Pretty Nurse Makeover
Pretty Nurse ..
3,001 x played
Vampire Girl Makeover
Vampire Girl ..
4,662 x played
Job interview makeover
Job interview ..
5,249 x played
Take care of Rapunzel
Take care of ..
5,007 x played
Selena Gomez Makeup
Selena Gomez ..
4,407 x played
Makeover Rihanna
Makeover ..
4,725 x played
Makeup for Paris
Makeup for ..
4,454 x played
Makeover Miley Cyrus
Makeover Miley ..
3,955 x played
Makeover Hannah Montana
Makeover ..
4,208 x played
Funky Naildesign
Funky ..
4,801 x played
Demi Lovato Makeup
Demi Lovato ..
4,762 x played
Date Makeover
Date Makeover
3,967 x played
Britney makeover
Britney ..
4,424 x played
Bratz makeover
Bratz makeover
5,313 x played
Barbie Hair Makeover
Barbie Hair ..
4,185 x played
Barbie Makeover
Barbie Makeover
4,848 x played
Ava Makeup
Ava Makeup
4,721 x played
Fruit Ad
Fruit Ad
4,302 x played
Nail Makeover
Nail Makeover
4,752 x played
Perfect Nail Makeover
Perfect Nail ..
4,381 x played
4,455 x played
Mixed Hairsalon
Mixed Hairsalon
5,078 x played
5,133 x played
High School Hair Makeover
High School ..
4,665 x played
My Photoalbum 2
My Photoalbum 2
4,955 x played
Mermaid Hairstyles
Mermaid ..
4,446 x played
Makeup Dressup
Makeup Dressup
4,746 x played
Shining Girl Makeover
Shining Girl ..
4,358 x played
Mily Cyrus Fashion Makeover
Mily Cyrus ..
5,010 x played
Famous Couples 11
Famous Couples ..
4,721 x played
Tiffany Makeover
Tiffany ..
4,856 x played

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